CNC Milling equals accurate, repeatable machining of materials from brass to titanium, from simple to the most complex part geometry. CNC  production allows for flexible, simple design revision and optimal speed and consistency.

Rapid CNC machining with Performance Design allows for maximum speed and efficiency, without sacrificing quality or precision. Any design, any material: no limitations. Today’s CNC technology allows for unprecedented speed and productivity of both simple designs and those too complex for conventional methods. With CAD/CAM integration and industrial automation, even the most complex design can be rapidly programmed, customized and revised, by expert programmers and machinists who have the knowledge and experience needed to do things right the first time. With modern CNC, streamlined tooling, fixturing, and automation reduce set-up time and costs dramatically. Predictable set-up and cycle times mean consistent, dependable production scheduling, for reliability second to none.

At Performance Design, we strive to stay on the cutting edge. We stock only the highest quality precision tooling, for rapid stock removal, optimal precision and the finest surface finish. Having the perfect tool available for every job not only guarantees the best possible product, but also ensures the most rapid set-up times, eliminating the waste of having to retool, compensate and adjust for situations where the perfect tool is unavailable. And when it comes to precision work, using exactly the right tool for the right job is fundamental in keeping vibration and tool deflection to an absolute minimum. Whatever the design or material may be, our CNC technicians get the greatest advantage from our top-of-the-line machines, utilizing 100+ slot belt- and turret-fed automatic tool change systems to reduce set-up times even further, ensuring that the right tool is always available when needed, for streamlined programming and production. With tailor-made custom workholding and multiple-offset set-ups, we maximize production capacity and efficiency, whether for milling, turning, or EDM.

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