Here at PDI, we designed our CNC milling process, to begin with, the creation of 3D models for accuracy and feasibility prior to machining. This completed design (either provided to us from our customer or created by our engineers and programmers) is exported to a CNC-compatible file format and converted by CAM software that gets converted into a CNC machine program. This dictates the actions of the machine and the movements of the tooling across the workpiece to create the part.

CNC Milling Service 2

Design Component

Design Component CNC Milling

You will either need to have the design done or our CNC Engineer spec out the component before we can start the milling prosses. Our CNC Engineer can help design and spec out the component based on your needs.

Start Milling

Start CNC Milling

After the component is ready to be milled, our engineer will start the prosses of milling it out. This can take from 5 mins per part to 20 mins depending on how intricate the design is.

Shipping or Pickup

Shipping or Pickup of CNC Component

We ship all over the United States with priority shipping and tracking numbers so you know when your part’s will make it to where they are needed. If you are a local to Las Vegas, we can drive them to you or you may pick the CNC’ed component at our shop.

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Today’s CNC Milling Technology

Before the operator runs the CNC program, they prepare the CNC milling machine by affixing the workpiece to the machine’s work surface (i.e., worktable) or work holding device (e.g., vise), and attaching the milling tools to the machine spindle. The CNC milling process employs horizontal or vertical CNC-enabled milling machines—depending on the specifications and requirements of the milling application—and rotating multi-point (i.e., multi-toothed) cutting tools, such as mills and drills. When the machine is ready, the operator launches the program via the machine interface prompting the machine to execute the milling operation.

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CNC Milling Service 2

CNC Milling

Milling is the process of cutting and drilling material (like wood or metal).

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CNC Turning

CNC engineering is a specialty that is found within the field of mechanical and precision engineering

Custom CNC Milling & Machining

The CNC milling method uses computerized instruments to operate and manipulate machine tools that cut and shape metals off all kinds. This includes but is not limited to steel, brass, aluminum, iron, tin, and silver. The process also mirrors the same basic production stages that all CNC machining processes do:

  • Creating a CAD 3D model
  • Rendering the CAD 3D model into a CNC program
  • Setting up and collaborate the CNC machine
  • Performing the milling process

Advantages of CNC Milling

  • We can manufacture components of almost any shape
  • Great for prototyping and short runs items, as it is cost-effective
  • Tight tolerances are possible
  • Custome components that fit your project
  • Alter components design to improve upon your first design at any time.

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